• What is The Third Grade Reading Guarantee?

    Ohio Senate Bill 316, signed into law in June 2012, includes the Third Grade Reading Guarantee that says students who enter the third grade in 2014-2015 or after, must score at a certain level on Ohio’s third-grade reading achievement assessment to be advanced to the fourth grade.

  • How can parents support their child’s development in reading?

    Parents are the primary caregivers for their child’s growth and development. They know their child’s--strengths, weaknesses, joys, sorrows, set-backs, and achievements--better than anyone else. Yet, parents are not expected to know how best to meet their child’s needs when it comes to reading development.

  • How are teachers supporting your child’s development in reading?

    Teachers offer key support and work together with parents to help their child’s growth and development. With respect to reading, teachers serve as experts in knowing how to: help a child develop the requisite skills to read, diagnose and provide interventions for struggling readers and much more.